For 60 years now, Keukenhof has been the most beautiful place in the world, where spring bursts out in all of its colourful majesty. Here you can find inspiration and relaxation in a magnificent park environment. In addition to the millions of blooming flower bulbs and fantastic flower shows, Keukenhof has the largest sculpture garden in the Netherlands and is the most photographed ...

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tel. +31 252 465 555
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Lighthouse Vuurbaak Katwijk

Lighthouse Vuurbaak KatwijkLighthouse Vuurbaak Katwijk

The lighthouse of Katwijk aan Zee, also known as 'Vierboet', is the second oldest surviving lighthouse building in the Netherlands. The tower stands 45 feet (14m) tall, and is located behind the boulevard near the Vuurbaakplein (Light House Square), on the southwest side of the village. The tower is open to the public since 1968 in the summer ...

Vuurbaakplein, Katwijk
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Behind two typically Dutch dykes lies the world-famous miniature city Madurodam, a perfect place to get to know all the fascinating aspects of the Netherlands. The two restaurants, the playground, shop and lighthouse picnic area complete the park. Activities in the city You will find all those famous Dutch features rebuilt down to the tiniest ...

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Art Museum The Hague

Art Museum The HagueArt Museum The Hague

The collection of Modern Art of the Municipal Museum offers an overview of Dutch art since the beginning of the 19th century, complemented with quintessential examples of art which developed in other countries in that same period. Collection cores are: The Hague School, the Symbolism around 1900, the artists around 'De Stijl' and the 'Bauhaus' and Expressionism. The ...

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Katwijks Museum

Katwijks MuseumKatwijks Museum

The [i]Katwijk Museum[/i] is situated in the centre of the old fishing village and is housed in a large and recently extended building complex. A monumental villa, built in 1913 by a ship-owner, is the centre point of this complex. The museum collection combines a unique collection of paintings of Dutch and foreign painters who were drawn to the artist’s colony ...

Voorstraat 46, Katwijk
tel. +31 714 013 047
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Jachthaven Katwijk

Jachthaven KatwijkJachthaven Katwijk

Jachthaven Katwijk is gelegen in de Oude Rijn op ongeveer 1000 meter van het Katwijkse strand. Het havenkantoor is geopend van 1 april tot 1 oktober. In de maanden mei tot en met augustus zijn wij dagelijks geopend van 9.00 uur tot 18.00 uur. In april en september zijn er aangepaste openingstijden (zie website).

Haringkade 6, Katwijk
tel. +31 714 029 793
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Hortus botanicus Leiden

Hortus botanicus LeidenHortus botanicus Leiden

Skip the line and get ready for a blooming brilliant day in the oldest botanical gardens in the Netherlands. Leiden's Hortus botanicus was first planted in 1590, and it's home to all manner of flowery treasures. See the Japanese herbal gardens, a rare tulip tree that's been here since 1716, a famous lily that only blossoms once a year, and much more! The Hortus botanicus Leiden is ...

CORPUS reis door de mens

CORPUS reis door de mensCORPUS reis door de mens

The attraction of the human body. The body is the basis for everything, but just exactly how does this ingenious CORPUS work? Take a thrilling journey in the 5D-hart theatre as a red blood cell, and discover the spectacular operation of the human brain in the brain show. How do your intestines respond to a cheese sandwich? What happens when you sneeze and on which parts of your tongue do you ...

Willem Einthovenstraat 1, Oegstgeest
tel. +31 717 510 200
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Subtropical swimming pool Aquamar

Subtropical swimming pool Aquamar

The Subtropical swimming pool Aquamar has pleasant water, and air temperature year round. Rock formations, palm trees and plants emphasize the tropical environment. Rapids, hot whirlpool, a super fast slide, hot water basin, pulsers and jet streams provide entertainment for the whole family. If you are tired of swimming you can also take a refreshing steam bath or even pop in the ...

Subtropisch zwembad Aquamar
Piet Heinlaan 5, Katwijk
tel. +31 714 015 947
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Stoomtrein Katwijk-Leiden

Stoomtrein Katwijk-LeidenStoomtrein Katwijk-Leiden

As you enter the station, it seems as if you have stepped back in time. At the platform a nearly 100 years old steam locomotive and its antique wooden carriages are waiting for you. The conductor blows his whistle, the fireman feeds his fire, and as the engine driver pulls the regulator, the train puts itself into motion, puffing and blowing. Don’t expect high speed, it is a slow train your ...

Jan Pellenbargweg 1, Valkenburg ZH
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Tiki Pool

Tiki PoolTiki Pool

The Tiki Pool is more than just a tropical paradise. Eleven unique slides make Tiki Pool the largest indoor waterslide paradise in the Benelux! From the violent Typhoon to the tranquility of the Lazy River. Everyone will have fun on the many slides and water attractions of the Tiki Pool. The X-stream is closed until further notice. Imagine all of ...

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Duinrell 1, Wassenaar
tel. +31 705 155 255
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In the amusement park both old and young can enjoy many spectacular attractions. Somersault in the Water Spider, have a spattering good time in the Splash and spin around in the Mad Mill. For the youngest guests there is besides the Locomotion, Monorail and Wonderland a brand new indoor playground, Rick's Fun Factory. In the summer during mid-July and August there is ...

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tel. +31 705 155 255
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Kinderdijk Molens

Kinderdijk MolensKinderdijk Molens

Kinderdijk is located sixty miles south of Amsterdam. Here nineteen glorious masterpieces, all dating from 1740, compete for the visitors' attention. Kinderdijk is one of the best known sights of Holland and together with the Zaanse Schans, Kinderdijk is probably one of the best known examples of the typical Dutch landscape. Images of this ...

Nederwaard 5, Kinderdijk
tel. +31 786 912 830
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Drievliet is a theme park for young visitors. The park has many attractions like the Formula X roller coaster, the hayloft, the Jungle River, the copper mine, the Jungle show, bumper cars, carousel, an arcade and a toddler playground. Big and small can enjoy one of the four roller coasters, such as the spinning Twistrix roller coaster. In the "Lol Atol" area ...

Laan van 's-Gravenmade, Den Haag
tel. +31 703 999 305
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Naturalis (National Museum of Natural History) presents a museum full of nature. Among fossils dating back millions of years are two dinosaurs, a 9-meter long mosasaurus, an ancient horse and a mammoth. Exhibited apes, beasts of prey, butterflies, beetles, fish, birds, plants, minerals and rocks display the amazing variety of nature. In the “'Kijkje Aarde” (A Look at Earth) action ...

Darwinweg 2, Leiden
tel. +31 715 687 600
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Panorama Mesdag

Panorama MesdagPanorama Mesdag

Panorama Mesdag is a cylindrical painting, more than 14 meters high and 120 meters in circumference. The vista of the sea, the dunes and Scheveningen village was painted by one of the most famous painters of The Hague School, Hendrik Willem Mesdag. It is the oldest 19th century panorama in the world in its ...

Zeestraat 65, Den Haag
tel. +31 703 106 665
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Space Expo

Space ExpoSpace Expo

Space Expo is Europe’s first permanent space exhibition. Space Expo is also the visitors’ centre for ESA in the Netherlands, the European Space Agency's largest technical establishment. - See what it was like for the first men on the Moon. - Experience the simulated launch of an Ariane rocket ‘live’. - Discover the world of satellites with the test models of European space ...

Keplerlaan 3, Noordwijk
tel. 0900 8765 4321
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Louwman Museum

Louwman MuseumLouwman Museum

Steer your way to this purpose-built museum in the Hague and discover the ride of your life (or at least the one you wish you had!) There are over 250 amazing antique cars in The Louwman Museum, all collected by two generations of the car-crazy Louwman family. A must-see for car lovers, The Louwman Museum in the Hague will fascinate and amaze anyone interested in the history of ...

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Museum Volkenkunde

Museum VolkenkundeMuseum Volkenkunde

Get to know the lives of people around the world at Volkenkunde, Leiden's eye-opening museum of ethnology. Lovingly arranged by cultural region, thousands of objects tell the stories of human experience around the world. Now that's a day well spent! Just five minutes’ walk from Leiden’s central station, Museum Volkenkunde's permanent display features objects from eight different cultural ...

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Museum Oud Noordwijk

Museum Oud NoordwijkMuseum Oud Noordwijk

The last remaining dune-located farmstead in the Netherlands giving a good portrait of the fishing village of Noordwijk in 1900. Including box beds, folkloristic costumes and ship models. Look for opening times and entrance fees on the website. During changing of exhibitions the museum is closed.

Jan Kroonsplein 4, Noordwijk
tel. +31 713 617 884
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The exhibitions and activities in the Museon are about mankind and the world. How was planet earth created, when did the dinosaurs roam the earth, what did the first humans look like, where does our energy come from. Aside from various exhibitions, the Museon hosts a permanent exposition: 'Your World, My World'. This exhibition shows how current human life and the cultural ...

Stadhouderslaan 37, Den Haag
tel. +31 703 381 338
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Linnaeushof is justified in calling itself Europe’s biggest playground. Linnaeushof offers more than 350 playground attractions, including cable cars, a trampoline and bouncy castle centre, pedal boats, go-karts, funny-wheels, rocking bikes, mini golf courses and a super slide. Highlights include the 11m-tall Pirates 'Nest ...

Glipperweg 4c 4, Heemstede
tel. +31 235 847 624
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Van Duyn Tweewielers

Sluisweg 58, Katwijk
tel. +31 714 012 238
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Boulevard Zeezijde 51, Katwijk
tel. +31 624 911 360
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Surfschool Katwijk

Boulevard 25, Katwijk
tel. +31 642 022 016
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Profile Paul

Drieplassenweg 1, Katwijk
tel. +31 714 012 356
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Tennis club Zee en Duin

Sportlaan 1, Katwijk
tel. +31 714 016 014
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Kagerzoom Golfclub

Veerpolder 22, Warmond
tel. +31 713 013 590
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Nico's fietsverhuur

Zeeweg 82b, Katwijk aan Zee
tel. +31 714 071 668
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Manege Jonker

Noordduinseweg 7, Katwijk aan Zee
tel. +31 714 024 743
mob. +31 630 127 035
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Wassenaarse Golfclub Rozenstein

Dr Mansveltkade 15, Wassenaar
tel. +31 705 117 846
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Oegstgeester Golfclub

De Voscuyl 38B, Oegstgeest
tel. +31 715 154 963
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J. Pellenbargweg 1, Valkenburg ZH
tel. +31 715 724 275
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Museum Boerhaave

Lange St. Agnietenstraat 10, Leiden
tel. +31 715 214 224
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Spinozalaan 29, Rijnsburg
tel. +31 714 029 209
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Stedelijk Molenmuseum De Valk

Binnenvestgracht 1, Leiden
tel. +31 715 165 353
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Rapenburg 19, Leiden
tel. +31 715 125 539
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Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal

Oude Singel 32, Leiden
tel. +31 715 165 360
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Dekker Warmond Sport en Party

Veerpolder 14, Warmond
tel. +31 713 058 888

Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

Rapenburg 28, Leiden
tel. +31 715 163 163

Pilgrim Archives

Vliet 43, Leiden
tel. +31 715 120 191

De Leidse Wagenmaker

Oude Varkenmarkt 13, Leiden
tel. +31 715 147 361

De Leidsche Rederij

Brillstraat 13, Leiden
tel. +31 715 282 252

SchuitjeVaart Rondvaarten

Stille Mare, Leiden
tel. +31 715 120 394

Watersportcentrum Vlietland

Rietpolderweg 11, Leidschendam
tel. +31 715 612 200

Groene Hart cruises

Haven & Zijldijk, Leiden
tel. +31 715 413 183

Rederij van Hulst Rondvaarten

Schiestraat, Noordwijk
tel. +31 713 010 133