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At KidsZoo in Noordwijkerhout, a world full of adventure awaits children of all ages. Whether it's a school trip, birthday party, or a fun family outing, Kidszoo offers endless entertainment in a safe and stimulating environment.

What can you expect at Indoor Play Centre KidsZoo?

An Unforgettable Experience at KidsZoo

Kidszoo is not just a place where children can play, but also an environment where they can learn, grow, and make new friendships.

Practical Information

Opt for a day filled with play and adventure at Kidszoo in Noordwijkerhout. It's the perfect place for children to expend energy and discover new things, while parents can also relax and enjoy.

Furthermore Indoor Play Centre KidsZoo is near the following sights: All American Bowling (±1,4 km), Jumpin' Noordwijk (±3,0 km), Golf Centrum Noordwijk (±3,0 km) & Castle Keukenhof (±3,8 km).

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Pletterij 3, Noordwijkerhout
tel. +31 252 372 626 
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