Lighthouse Vuurbaak Katwijk

Lighthouse Vuurbaak Katwijk - 1 Lighthouse Vuurbaak Katwijk (June 2014) - #2

Discover the fascinating history of the Vuurbaak lighthouse in Katwijk aan Zee, a pivotal monument in Dutch maritime history and one of the oldest lighthouse buildings in the country.

What can you expect at the Katwijk aan Zee lighthouse?

Visit the Vuurbaak for a unique glimpse into the Netherlands' maritime past, an experience that is both educational and visually enriching.


Practical Information

Discover the historical Vuurbaak lighthouse of Katwijk aan Zee, a monument of inestimable value in Dutch maritime history, and enjoy a unique cultural experience.

Furthermore Lighthouse Vuurbaak Katwijk is near the following sights: Katwijks Museum (±550 m), Mill and Lake Tour from Katwijk (±800 m), Marina Katwijk (±1,4 km), Swimming Pool Aquamar (±1,5 km) & Space Expo (±2,6 km).

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Vuurbaakplein, Katwijk
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