Katwijk, Surprisingly versatile


Katwijk is located next to the sea. It has a boulevard, where you can see and be seen. Of course, there are many good terraces and restaurants. Katwijk aan Zee is excellent for making long walking- and cycling tours. As well as on the boulevard as in the atmospheric streets of historic Katwijk you will find a lot of nice shops, from well-known chain stores to local boutiques. It is full of tranquillity and space and there are enough beach pavilions and accommodations available.



The beautiful beach, the atmospheric boulevard and the dunes of Katwijk are unbreakably associated. The beach of Katwijk is known as one of the cleanest of the Netherlands and is characterized by the beach huts and atmospheric beach pavilions. The beach is being watched by lifeguards so your children are able to play. First aid is available here as well.


Katwijk has visitors all year long. During summer the visitors are merely families who are here for enjoying the sun and the sea. During winter it is a brilliant place for walking along the beach with your dog. There’s a magnificent cycle path that goes from Scheveningen through the dunes of Meijendel which takes you to Katwijk in less than an hour. The 4.5 km long beach of Katwijk has diverse and good beach pavilions that are opened from March till October.



Katwijk has a promenade which is ideal for a relaxed walk. In Katwijk you find a cosy walking boulevard of 2 kilometres which is equipped with all the needed facilities. Right behind the boulevard is a modern and partly indoor mall. Directly behind the church on the boulevard lays a court with old fishermen’s houses. You can still taste the old fishing history well here.


It is a seaside resort that is young of heart. A traditional family resort, with a lot of facilities and activities for children and their parents. But in the winter Katwijk surprises you with different walking tours and a refreshing culinary offer. You can find a lot of cosiness in the streets of Katwijk. There are several wonderful family accommodations at which you will most certainly feel at ease.



For sun-, sea-, and beach lovers Katwijks biggest attraction certainly is the 4.5 kilometres long sand beach. Along the boulevard there are diverse statues with themes of the sun, the sea and the beach. Furthermore you will find a nice white church at the boulevard. There is no other church in Holland which is this close to the sea, this makes it very popular as a place for weddings.

In the Museum of Katwijk you can see how the people used to live from the fishing with the help of ship models, costumes and paintings. Katwijk’s development as a bathing place takes a place in the museum too. You can’t miss out on visiting the oldest lighthouse of the Netherlands as well.

Lighthouse Vuurbaak Katwijk

The lighthouse of Katwijk aan Zee, also known as 'Vierboet', is the second oldest surviving lighthouse building in the Netherlands. The tower stands 45 feet (14m) tall, and is located behind the boulevard near the Vuurbaakplein (Light House Square), on the southwest side of the village. The tower is open to the public since 1968 in the summer ...

Vuurbaakplein, Katwijk
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Cyclers and hikers are able to fill up their hearts in the surprising surroundings of Katwijk. Water sportsmen are able to go wild in the North Sea or the Valkenburger Meer. Swimmers are able to enjoy themselves in the subtropical swimming paradise in Katwijk. Are you more of a sports fan? Go play tennis, snooker, table tennis, soccer, jeu des boules or ride on a horse on the sand and through the dunes.

Katwijk has a lively marina with an open connection to a lot of water sports areas in the area and out of it. In the mall Zeezijde behind the Boulevard it is nice to go shopping and on top of that there is a cosy tourist market every Tuesday during summer.

The beach, the sea, the Valkenburger Meer and the beautiful nature areas certainly make Katwijk worth a visit. You can find special nature in Berkheide and the Coepelduyn, two nature areas that have been pointed out as protected nature monuments. A deer camp, a goose- and duck pool and diverse playing facilities for the kids are located in the bushed Pan van Persijn (the Panforest). A loved forest where children can play and eat a pancake in the pancake restaurant afterwards. From the south side of the boulevard you cycle into the nature area Meijendel.