Museum Noordwijk

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Located in the picturesque coastal village Noordwijk, you'll find the Museum Noordwijk, where you can take a deep dive into local history, art, and culture. This museum offers a wonderful glimpse into life in Noordwijk throughout the centuries.

What to Expect at Museum Noordwijk?

Dive into the History and Culture of Noordwijk

This small museum with its unique collection is an ideal destination for history and art enthusiasts, offering fascinating insights into the cultural heritage of Noordwijk.

Furthermore Museum Noordwijk is near the following sights: Museum of Comic Art (±90 m), Azzurro Wellness (±500 m), Play Island (±750 m), Swimming Pool BinnenZee (±750 m) & Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk (±850 m).

For information

Museum Oud Noordwijk
Jan Kroonsplein 4, Noordwijk
tel. +31 713 617 884 
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