Azzurro Wellness - Wellness center

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Just behind the dunes of Noordwijk lies Azzurro Wellness, an oasis of peace and luxury where you can enjoy various sports and wellness facilities. This contemporary club offers a wide range of options for both exertion and relaxation, exuding a great sense of luxury and tranquility.

What can you expect at Azzurro Wellness?

Find Peace at Azzurro Wellness

At Azzurro Wellness, it's all about being able to rather than having to. Relaxation is essential to having enough energy. Come and enjoy the warmth of the saunas or doze off on the relaxation loungers by the beautiful pool.

Relax and Enjoy at Azzurro Wellness

Whether you want to exercise or simply relax, Azzurro Wellness has something for everyone. The tranquility and luxury of this wellness club ensure that your visit to Noordwijk is complete. Take a moment for yourself and experience the ultimate relaxation at Azzurro Wellness.

Furthermore Azzurro Wellness is near the following sights: Museum of Comic Art (±400 m), Museum Noordwijk (±500 m), Play Island (±600 m), Swimming Pool BinnenZee (±650 m) & Atlantikwall Museum Noordwijk (±1,3 km).

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Oude Zeeweg 57, Nooordwijk