Events in Katwijk

In the summer there is almost daily something organized (the region of) Katwijk. Under which the various markets, folklore, music performances and various sporting events where you can look at or to which you can join.

North Sea Summer Festival

Early August

From the Beach Plaza on the Boulevard of Katwijk, the location for the North Sea Summer Festival. It consists of a large number of daytime and evening activities for everyone and all ages. Also this year the organization managed to get a large number of new acts to ...

Flower Parade

2nd Saturday of August

Beautifully flower decorated individuals and floats drive through the Bollenstreek. Dozens of cars and floats with the most beautiful creations of flowers is a wonderful business card for the floral industry and is a first-class crowd pleaser. The procession is expected ...

Valkenburgs Ringrijden

Op de zaterdag voorafgaand van Neerlands Oudste Paardenmarkt organiseert het paardenmarktcomité het traditionele ringrijden voor aanspanningen. Het parcours bevindt zich op de Marinus Poststraat. Daar kan vanaf 13.00 uur worden ingeschreven. Er is een wedstrijd voor ponycombinaties, en één voor ...

Valkenburgse Paardenmarkt

Tweede woensdag in september

De oudste paardenmarkt van Nederland wordt elke tweede woensdag in september gehouden in Valkenburg (Zuid-Holland). De eerste paardenmarkt werd in Valkenburg al in het jaar 840 gehouden. Daarom is de Valkenburgse Paardenmarkt Dé Mart.

Style & Trend Event

Laat je half september in Stijl ontvangen in Zeezijde Katwijk. Tijdens een inspirerend Stijl & trend event zullen de winkels van Zeezijde Katwijk hun laatste trends op het gebied van fashion, food en lifestyle presenteren. Jouw ...

Heritage Days

Open Monuments Day is held every year halfway through September, when thousands of monuments in the Netherlands are free to the public. The participating monuments can be recognized by the Open Monuments Day flag as shown here. Open Monuments Day is organized to encourage people to know more about their historical ...

Arrival of Saint Nicholas

End of November

The tradition of Saint Nicholas bringing gifts to children, celebrated in many countries, is an extraordinary occasion in Katwijk. Saint Nicholas arrives surrounded by his servants. Later, the whole parade in a festive way accompanies him to the city center. Children greet the procession. Customarily candies ...

New Year's Eve

New Year is another wild celebration. The Dutch often stay home with their families until midnight, and many bars open just then. Many venues offer New Year parties. From midnight the sky lights up as everyone sets of fireworks. People in Katwijk love a party and New Year’s Eve in particular. It’s a reason ...


National Museum Week

Begin april

During this Museum week about 450 museums are to visit. There are extra activities such as workshops, guided tours, tastings, children's treasure hunts, musical performances and the possibility to dress up. This year's theme is: "Let yourself be mesmerized by a museum ...

Funfair in Katwijk aan zee

End April

Who didn’t like it as a child to be swirled around in a carousel or to get sticky from some cotton candy. In Katwijk it is still possible every year, at the end of April.

Lifeboat Day

Early May

In the spring, the Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM) organizes its annual open day. On Lifeboat Day you can look into the rescue station. At all stations are demonstrations, storytelling, and you can see the equipment.

Flower parade of the 'Bollenstreek'

Annually the Flower parade of the 'Bollenstreek' rides its 40 km long route from Noordwijk to Haarlem. It departs from Noordwijk at 9.30am - arrives in Haarlem around 9pm. The parade consists of some twenty floats ...

National Mills Day

Tweede weekend van mei

Since 1974 the event is held every year on the second Saturday in May. It is a day when as many mills as possible are running. The National Mills Day has now become an annual event. Besides turning and grinding, all kinds of activities take place at a large number of mills, from baking pancakes to music festivals. ...

SAR Katwijk

Early July

The Katwijk Rescue Brigade organizes a big rescue demonstration. This event, SAR Katwijk, is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) of its kind in the Netherlands. All the 'Search and Rescue' participants show off their skills and ...