CORPUS reis door de mens - Attraction

CORPUS reis door de mens - 1 CORPUS reis door de mens (June 2014) - #2

The attraction of the human body. The body is the basis for everything, but just exactly how does this ingenious CORPUS work?

Take a thrilling journey in the 5D-hart theatre as a red blood cell, and discover the spectacular operation of the human brain in the brain show. How do your intestines respond to a cheese sandwich? What happens when you sneeze and on which parts of your tongue do you taste sugar or salt?
The answers to these and thousands of other questions you will find during the discovery institution for the young and old with CORPUS journey through the human body!

CORPUS is open from Tuesday up to and incl. Sunday from 09:00 until 19:00 Hrs. The last 'journey through the human body' starts at 17:00 Hrs. During the Dutch school holidays CORPUS is also open on Mondays.

Furthermore CORPUS reis door de mens is near the following sights: Stoomtrein Katwijk-Leiden (±1,3 km), Naturalis (±1,6 km), Museum Volkenkunde (±2,2 km), Hortus botanicus Leiden (±2,6 km) & Spinozahuis (±2,6 km).

For information:

Willem Einthovenstraat 1, Oegstgeest
tel. +31 717 510 200 
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